Unlock Untapped Market Income With Zero-Day Option Strategies.

In this 60 minute masterclass, Doc Severson takes you from zero to hero when it comes to zero-day options. He also covers the following:

The legacy method of making retirement income (Bonds/annuities/interest) have not worked for DECADES.

How using options is the KEY to creating an income in today's markets.

The 'Insurance Company' model, so you can collect premiums EVERY DAY.

Strategies you can start using tomorrow to earn your fair share of income!.

About the Instructor:

Doc has been trading the market in one form or another since the mid-1990’s, when his fundamental knowledge of the Tech industry led to great performance trading Tech stocks… however his experience with the subsequent downturn and lack of performance in “professionally managed” funds convinced him that he needed better education in the topic, and to assume command of his own financial destiny.

Ultimately he settled on Equity Options as his chosen specialty, and has been trading them as a professional self-directed trader since the mid 2000’s. Around this time, word got out of Doc’s ability to explain the “complex” and he’s been helping mentor other traders ever since. Doc specializes in making the complex world of options more accessible to retail traders, while stressing conservative strategies and a defensive mindset, all wrapped in an understanding of how to use neuroscience as an ally to trading performance.

Here's What Doc Believes In:

I believe that trading is a simple process, but we make it hard by being human. Understanding why we make the decisions that we do (neuroscience) is key to making the right decisions when the signals appear. We also need to root our analysis of the markets in the price action of the charts themselves, and not cloak them in a mask of trailing indicators. When it comes to option strategies, a simple approach is best, but one that must start with the main emphasis being on Risk Management. We’re not the “casino” as so many analogize, we are the “Insurance Company” collecting regular premium checks while doing our Due Diligence.