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A Few of The Things You Can Monitor on Our Calendar

Monetary Policy

Interest Rate decisions

Rate Statements

Meeting Minutes

Inflation Data




Employment Data

Non-Farm Payrolls


Weekly Initial Jobless Claims


The biggest companies in their sector


From Central Bankers to Presidents






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Our calendar eliminates the need for endless searching, as every available report is hyperlinked to its corresponding release.

Data Divided into Importance

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Low Imp 50

High Importance

Typically, these releases are what the majority of traders look for, as they are known to move markets with every release.

Medium Importance

Typically, these releases don't move markets, but they can influence sentiment. A large deviation, combined with other data, may trigger market movements.

Low Importance

It doesn't require your full attention, but it can contribute to the economic picture and influence sentiment.

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Are Forecasts and Priors Included?

You'll receive Forecasts and Priors for every release, where available, at no extra cost. If you need release ranges, just ask our team, and they'll provide them.

How Do I Adjust the Timezone on My Calendar?

The calendar timezone is linked to your PC timezone and cannot be changed via our website.