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Uncluttered Actionable News

Get all the news enjoyed by enjoyed by professionals working in Banks, Hedge funds and Prop. firms. Our feed is purposefully made to remain uncluttered so you only see the news that actually matters, our Analyst pick and hand type headlines to keep you in the loop.


Multiple News Feeds

Choose the most relevant feed for your trading. Our analysts tag headlines to match market sectors, including Indexes, FX, Commodities, and Bonds.

External News Providers

Our News Feed lets you follow multiple news providers, consolidating their articles in one place, saving screen space and valuable time. Additionally, you can choose to follow trading educators and bloggers for valuable insights.


Headline Notifications

Stay updated with critical headlines through audible and desktop notifications, ensuring you won't miss out, even if you're in another tab, giving you a chance to react.

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What sources do you use?

We utilize a range of major news wires and have access to comprehensive news sources. Regrettably, we cannot disclose the exact source unless it's publicly accessible news.

Will the feed constantly update with new headlines?

All FinancialJuice headlines are carefully selected by our analysts, ensuring that you see only the news we believe is essential on the news feed.

What is the time on the headline and how do I change it?

The headline time indicates when the news was reported, allowing you to track market movements and identify correlations. The timezone is synchronized with your PC's timezone and can only be adjusted through your operating system.