Morning Juice – Europe Session Prep
Daily Dose, EU

Morning Juice – Europe Session Prep

Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get Manufacturing PMI data for the Euro-Area.

Here is what to expect for the day.


If Japanese authorities decide to intervene in foreign exchange markets, they would most likely aim a five-yen rally versus the dollar, according to analysts at several of the country’s largest brokerages.

Australia’s central bank did not contemplate hiking interest rates at its most recent meeting, instead deciding to leave them at a 12-year high of 4.35%, according to board meeting minutes from March 18-19. The RBA will move to ensure adequate liquidity is available to keep the financial system working smoothly when billions of dollars of bonds it acquired during the epidemic fall, according to Assistant Governor Christopher Kent.

The Congressional Budget Office said in its most recent predictions that the US federal government’s debt will rise from 97% of GDP last year to 116% by 2034, surpassing even World War II levels. The true prognosis is probably worse.

Oil prices remained at a five-month high, with heightened geopolitical uncertainties in the Middle East and tighter supply from Mexico helping to boost prices.


03:50 ET
French Mfg PMI
Median Forecast 45.8 | Prior 45.8 | Range 46.0/45.8

03:55 ET
German Mfg PMI
Median Forecast 41.6 | Prior 41.6 | Range 41.8/41.6

04:00 ET
Eurozone Mfg PMI
Median Forecast 45.7 | Prior 45.7 | Range 46.1/45.3

04:30 ET
Median Forecast 49.9 | Prior 49.9 | Range 49.9/49.5

08:00 ET
German HICP YoY Prelim
Median Forecast 2.4% | Prior 2.7% | Range 2.8%/2.1%

German CPI YoY Prelim
Median Forecast 2.2% | Prior 2.5% | Range 2.6%/2.0%

German CPI MoM Prelim
Median Forecast 0.5% | Prior 0.4% | Range 0.8%/0.3%


Good Luck today, Traders!