Daily Dose, EU

Morning Juice – Europe Session Prep

Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get both UK & Eurozone CPI’s.

Here is what to expect for the day.


After several unexpectedly high inflation readings, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell hinted that policymakers would delay lowering interest rates longer than expected.

In the first quarter, domestic pricing pressures in New Zealand did not abate, despite headline inflation slowing to its lowest level in over three years.

While Middle East tensions continued, oil prices gradually declined as traders anticipated Israel’s response to Iran’s attack over the weekend.

The yuan is poised to hit a psychological milestone not seen since November thanks to China’s second attempt in a month to weaken its hold on it.

Due to the weakening yen and increased demand in China, Japan’s exports increased for a fourth consecutive month, providing much-needed support to the economy while domestic consumption declines.


02:00 ET 
Median Forecast 3.1% | Prior 3.4% | Range 3.3%/2.7%

Median Forecast 4.1% | Prior 4.5% | Range 4.3%/3.9%

05:00 ET
Eurozone CPI YoY Final
Median Forecast 2.4% | Prior 2.4% | Range 2.5%/2.3%

Eurozone CPI MoM Final
Median Forecast 0.8% | Prior 0.6% | Range 0.8%/0.8%

05:00 ET
ECB’s Cipollone

Good Luck today, Traders!