Morning Juice – Europe Session Prep
Daily Dose, EU

Morning Juice – Europe Session Prep

Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get ECB CPI expectations.

Here is what to expect for the day.


Japan’s service prices rose at the fastest clip in over 30 years in a sign of a broadening inflation trend that supports the case for the Bank of Japan to raise interest rates

In early May, price rises at UK shops fell to the lowest level in more than two years, adding to evidence of a stronger economic outlook.

Australian retail sales nearly stalled in April, as increased borrowing costs and still-high inflation urged families to save more and spend less.

The US stock market has finally returned to its former speed from approximately a century ago. That was the last time share trades in New York cleared in a single day, as they will begin on Tuesday under new Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. The move, which halved the time it takes to process every transaction, also occurred in territories including Canada and Mexico on Monday.

Oil prices stabilised after two days of rises, even as tensions in the Middle East rose following the death of an Egyptian soldier during a fight with Israeli soldiers.


04:00 ET
ECB 1 Year CPI Expectations

ECB 3 Year CPI Expectations

05:00 ET
UK CBI Distributive Trades
Median Forecast -25 | Prior -44


07:00 ET
ECB’s Centeno Speaks


Good Luck today, traders!