Designed to present orderflow in the simplest form.

Multiple Instruments, 100's of Assets, ALL Ready to Monitor.

No External Software Required

TickStrike requires ZERO external software. We gather the data ourselves and present it to you in the simplest way possible.

Unique Widget Design

Unlike any order flow indicatoron the market TickStrike uses widgets display the data concisely yet effectively.

Screen Real Estate

Remove the need for 100s of chats and allow tickstrike to present you on the opportunities.

tickstrike app screen

Unique & Efficient

Simple and easy to navigate so you can focus on trading.

Unique Widget Design

The unique widget design allows you to monitor all the assets/securities your trading style requires while saving you screen real estate, which is extremely vital as a trader. It also enables you to monitor a larger base of assets/securities than you normally would, as the need to check charts for opportunities is completely removed.

Audible & Visual Alerts

TickStrike alerts you with audible sounds and visual notifications that can be customized to match your preferences, ensuring you never miss trading opportunities.

Endless Assets/Securities to Monitor

No Matter What You Trade, We've Got It.

assets available on tickstrike

150+ Assets/Securities

Monitor anything from Futures like the ES or the NQ to Internals such as the VIX.

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