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We're faster on 71 out of 100 headlines compared to our competitors.

Our goal is to provide a service that is faster and has higher voice quality than our competitors.


One of the fastest-updating calendars in the market.

We are constantly optimizing our calendar to deliver data as quickly as possible.


See only the news that matters most.

Our analysts handpick the headlines that truly impact markets or affect market sentiment.

Real-Time Macro News

Our analysts are constantly scanning the wires to bring you the most important news before the rest of the market sees it, all through our fast & reliable voice news.

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Be informed on the day ahead

Filter data by importance to see what may move markets or sentiment.

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See data and events from 20+ countries

Filter to see the news from regions and countries that truly matter to you and your trading.

Get Reports for Data and videos for upcoming events.

Our calendar eliminates the need for endless searching, as every available report and every video to events are hyperlinked to its corresponding calendar entry.

Historical Charting of Release Data

See the historical data points of a certain release to get a grasp of it overall trend.

Economic Release Triggers

Pick the release you want to trade. Set the Buy alert to a figure you desire or simply the forecast and vice versa for the Sell alert. Get alerted as soon as the figure comes out with the orders to buy or sell based on your parameters.

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