During this webinar, Josh goes through the following:

-It's more about the "when" with high-impact events & economic releases.

-Price action is a "tell" but not enough information.

-Advanced volume profile metrics give real institutional supply and demand zones.

-SPX options market maker gamma exposure gives you the actual price targets intraday (there is no guessing here).

About the Instructor:

Josh has been passionate about tracking and trading the markets for more than 15 years. He learned how markets function and data analytics at Bloomberg where he spent 7 years as an equities research analyst. He picked up machine learning in 2014 and joined a start-up that subsequently got acquired by Microsoft. He then began working on Fortune 500 production AI system projects for the better part of 5 years. With his income potential being decided by someone else, he decided to leave the corporate grind and never looked back. He began day trading and investing full-time and consequently got his life back. This newfound freedom combined with his enthusiasm for helping others prompted Josh to launch Green Hammer Trading and subsequently Valkyrie: Day Trading Simplified. Josh remains committed to analyzing and dissecting market trends and setups. He still learns something new every day and loves sharing his market ideas. You can find him daily on the GHT trading room floor answering questions and sharing his analysis and trade ideas with the members.