Learn how to be highly accurate while maintaining a solid risk strategy in the markets.

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Will Sebastian

In this workshop, Will, co-founder of The Trading Mentor, goes through his strategy to navigate the markets for opportunities and hedge against losing positions and more!

About the Instructor:

I've always been interested in numbers, finance, business, companies and all things money. This intrigue from an early age soon had me skipping school to go and look at financial markets around news events, and what effects they had. School really didn't interest me, and once I had left, I began knuckling down straight away learning to trade all day and into the night with some fantastic mentors. Whilst everyone I knew progressed onto university, or work, I was working on my own with my own vision. To fund myself, I started my first successful online business trading betting odds / mentoring and selling digital products before going full time trading for others and teaching others my day trading strategy once I had reached competency and consistency in the financial markets and within my investment portfolio(s).

I am a currently the top shared/liked/viewed streamer on Tradingview routinely and I run a global trading academy, teaching traders every day live on charts how to be successful in a sustainable format, whilst day trading myself for income.