nShape Capital

nShape Capital is a Trader Education company that specializes in helping individuals become mentally and physically fit for the stock market. With Coach Yoann's expertise of over 15 years in the Fitness Industry and an NLP Master Practitioner Certification, Coach Yoann offers comprehensive Mindset and Fitness Coaching for traders of all types. Coach Yoann goal is to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to improve your health and achieve consistent profitability in the stock market.

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Coach Yoann

Meet Yoann, a dynamic and accomplished individual with a passion for Trading, Mindset Coaching and Fitness. As the founder of nShape Capital, Yoann has leveraged his extensive experience in fitness and expertise in the stock market to achieve consistency. But Yoann's journey doesn't stop there. He understands that managing emotions is just as crucial as having a solid trading strategy. That's why he became an NLP Master Practitioner, enabling him to guide and empower fellow traders in conquering their emotions and achieving unparalleled success in the stock market. With Yoann as your mentor, you can unlock your true trading potential and transform your life.