We're glad you're interested in partnering with us!

We'll outline all that we have to offer and the next steps to getting you started!


Just starting out tier.


You'll get 20% of the revenue from anyone who purchases through you just for signing up.

Here's how it works

You'll get 20% of the sale and if it's a recurring subscription you'll get that same 20% EVERY month.

Our cookies have unlimited tracking, so you'll earn the commission whether they purchase there and then or later down the line!

Uncapped Commissions

Our cookies have unlimited tracking, so you'll earn the commission whether they purchase there and then or later down the line!


Things are start heating up.

Here's how to get into Tier 2


3,2,1 LAUNCH

We start with a launch webinar for TickStrike, we'll provide all the marketing material. you just bring the leads. We'll do webinars for the other products later down the line.

Webinars will include

- Exactly how Aamar and many others use the tools to spot opportunities in the markets.

- Exclusive offers for those who attend.

Dedicated section/Product webpage

We have pre-built pages for you to add to your website (if you need a hand we're more than happy to help). Why? we've found partners such as Apex have generated the best results from this, even to the point they've managed to cover their ad spend!

Pages/Section will include

- Ability to access an exclusive 30-day free trial for signing up to your service.

- Includes the webinar with you.

- Brief overview of how the product works.

parter webpage
woah aff

That seems like an awful lot.

Yes it is, but here's what you get...


Same commission structure as Tier 1 just a higher payout.

You'll get an exclusive value stack for your core offer, which could be the edge your competitor WON'T have.

- 30-day free trial to one of our products for anyone who purchases your service.

value stack
dedicated partner page on FJ

You'll get a dedicated partner page on FinancialJuice.

- These will showcase any content you have accessible via RSS (Youtube and Blogs etc)

Free Products

- You'll get access to our products for free, for as long as you remain a partner.


Webinars to our audience

- Whenever you'd like and as often as you please. We'll promote via all of our channels, which includes our social media, main feed and email list.Webinars will also be apart of our academy for our users to always come back to.

tier 3

You reached the top, nice work.

Here's how to get into Tier 3

100 users per month

100 unique customers per month sustained for 3 months.

- To be in Tier 3 you have to have completed Tier 2 and then sustain 100 unique sign ups
per month to any of our products and subscriptions for three months.

Really is that it?


Here's what you get in Tier 3.

Same commission structure as Tier 1 and Tier 2 just the highest payout.

30% commissions

Banner ads on FinancialJuice lite.

- You'll have the ability to access exclusive banner ads shown to our free users (the majority of our audience). We've average 35,000 - 40,000 weekly users on the site, so be assured you'll be promoting directly to your ideal audience.

Mentions in our email marketing.

- You'll have a special email written on our thoughts on your service and any promotional offers you have running sent straight to our list.


You've come this far and now you're ready to get started.

Here's how:
Book a call with our team using the form on the left, all we're looking to do is get a better understanding of you and your company and then guide you on exactly how we can get started.